As a part of the food industry, food quality is a fundamental process to the Jacarendaa’s on-going operations.

• Trust :

Every day we work to earn the trust of our customers by maintaining the quality of our products.

• Quality Product :

At Jacarendaa we use high quality raw ingredients for making products..

• Definition of Quality food:

Protecting people from illness by consuming our food products and make production process hygiene. We have vast supply chain, from production to consumption; we maintain the quality of our products through all over supply chain. We take comprehensive approach to ensure the safety and integrity of all of our products.

• Our Responsibility :

At Jacarendaa, we believe all employees are responsible for contributing to the success of our food quality system. We empower them to bring forward ideas that can improve our efforts and to take action when they see a problem in our operations that could compromise food quality.

• Committed to Transparency :

We are committed to transparency and sharing information on food quality issues across our businesses and with regulators, customers, vendors, suppliers and external manufacturers and consumers. We have formal and informal processes in place for sharing our food qualityInnovations, learning’s and best practices with all of our internal and external stakeholders, as well as to learn from others.