Looking for a special cake for your special day?

A creative, best quality brand is now available in Pune named Jacarendaa. Jacarendaa is a cake manufacturing company featuring premium quality, frozen, fully finished and packaged cake products for the Food Service, Catering, etc.

Jacarendaa is founded in 2005 to bring the authentic taste of cakes in India. It has opened its first branch in Pune. The founder developed the concept of Jacarendaa in response to bring people together and celebrate their happy moment. The founder Mr. Yogesh decided to develop Jacarendaa cake shop with the desire of making beautiful unique cakes that would be a memorable part of any event. He looks forward in creating an unforgettable dessert experience for your special day.

Our Purpose: To help people express their happiness in a memorable way.

For Jacarendaa Customer is a king. So its our honor to serve our king with as best as possible. We are specialized in creating unique, custom, high-quality and finished cakes for a variety of operators that are not generally found in ready-to-sell formats.

We are always coming up with new and exciting ways to celebrate all your special occasions or just every day fun!!

Special Occasions need special cakes. And special cakes are produced by sourcing finest quality of ingredients in it. Jacarendaa is the best option for such special occasions where we not only bake cakes of supreme quality but also balances the cost effective relationship for the customers.

What makes our cakes taste so good?

Premium Quality ingredients in Cakes

Iced and decorated with real sweet Fresh Cream

Imported Belgian Mousse Fillings

Quality Retail Bakery style hand decorating and finishing

In the field of electronic marketing also, Jacarendaa has not lagged behind. Instead, its portal is one of the leaders in on line marketing and servicing quality services to the customers. The portal gives clients a convenient and safe option of sending gifts to loved ones, or business associates, without the hassle of personal visits or payment hurdles.

All our products and services shall be offered with the same love, care and affection as if, they were meant for the most beloved person.

Our Clients